Rick Astley

Never: The Autobiography


Release Date: Oct 10, 2024

'Fame didn’t actually make me happy. I was an insecure twenty-year-old and being famous made things worse back then. It was an era all about the way you looked and I still don’t know how I squeezed through. I did enjoy myself for a lot of it, but, at some point, you’re looking in the mirror and going: 'Is this it, then?' Clichéd as this sounds, success is never going to mend something that is broken. You just have to work that out for yourself. And something was a bit broken in me – I think it is with almost everybody who gets on the stage.'

When 'Never Gonna Give You Up’ propelled Rick Astley into the pop stratosphere, it irrevocably altered his life's trajectory. Nothing could have prepared the young, unassuming Lancashire lad for what was in store for him. What followed was a whirlwind of TV appearances, fame, worldwide tours, bestselling albums and media scrutiny. But, after only six years in the business, having sold millions of records globally, Rick made a major life decision to retire, choosing family over fame. Time out of the industry offered him room for much-needed reflection and therapy – and unknowingly helped to set the stage for his triumphant return to music.

In his powerful and revealing memoir, Rick delves into this journey. He candidly recounts his formative years and unconventional upbringing, retraces his decision to leave the spotlight and provides intimate insights into family life and the challenges and rewards of new beginnings.

'What a bad-ass motherf**ker' – Dave Grohl

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